Property Information

The core of Command Center is your property information at your fingertips. We take the data you have and automatically enrich it with deep, building level data from our Deep Well Data Exchange. You can now easily answer questions from your team and your leadership:

- How many SF do we have in Tucson?

- What's our total cost in Knoxville for the next three quarters?

- How many total square feet is our building in Chicago?

- When does our lease expire in Milwaukee? Does it have a termination?

Don't worry. It's all in one place and it's easy to get to. Simply hover for basic info, click for detailed info.

Occupancy Data

Knowing how to control your real estate costs starts with your people. Legacy real estate systems don't integrate occupancy and vacancy data in terms of headcount, forcing CRE decision makers to fight for information, or worse yet, take guesses. Refine(RE) can solve this problem in a variety of ways to answer questions like:


- How many seats do we have in Nashville?

- Where can I put 28 new hires in Southern California?

- How long does it take on average for our employees to get to work in Cincinnati?

Dynamic Reporting

Refine(RE)'s dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to share any view of your portfolio and supporting analytics from any device. You can discover new KPI's, set alerts and notifications, and drive success with customized, interactive reports that tell the story, not just the numbers.

Big Board Scenario Modeling

Want to play what-if? Our dynamic parameters allow you to model out different scenarios in real-time. No more "black box" consulting models that take weeks to build on unknown assumptions. Model and test  your strategy in real-time with real, up to date market data.


Now you can build a scenario for one location or your whole portfolio. Hit send. Go execute.

Trend Monitoring and Notifications

Think about all of the time you've spent building a report about what already happened just so you can compare it to what's happening now. Refine(RE)'s built in trend monitoring and active notifications allow you and your team to see the things that matter to you as you continue to collect data. Trends are easy to see and easy to access.

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