Need Coworking Space?

Refine(RE) is proud to be the first platform for occupiers to allow our users to source and manage their coworking site needs. No forms. No brokers. Just send us an email and let our team of corworking experts handle the rest. Learn more...

Crowded Marketplace

Coworking for corporates is a great way to gain efficiency and reduce overhead when considering small or short term space needs. The market has responded with hundreds of options and a variety of concepts. We make it simple and easy to find and manage your next coworking space.

Free to our Members

Refine(RE)'s platform makes you an expert on your portfolio and the marketplace. We now make it easy for our users to leverage their knowledge and source coworking space as easily as sending an email. No more making your broker run in circles for a tiny pay day. We'll even let you keep the commission.

Email and Done

As a member of Refine(RE), simply send an email with your general co-working requirements to and we'll handle the rest. You'll have access to all of your transaction documents in the cloud, as well as a dashboard dedicated to your coworking space around the country.